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Grief Recovery 

People say you have to let go and move on with your life, but nobody tells you HOW to move beyond crushing feelings of grief and loss. Loss of a child, relationship, health, career, faith, trust, safety or family pet is painful and seems never-ending. Group work is effective and valuable. We never "get over" loss but we can move through our pain... recovery is possible. Join us today.

Women and Betrayal

Participants in this group have suffered betrayal.  The group's goal is to provide support for women who feel isolated and overwhelmed with guilt, blame and hopelessness. Betrayal Trauma (BT) is defined as trauma perpetrated by close significant others, such as a parent, care provider, or romantic partner. "How can someone who is a close significant other, someone who is relied on for physical or emotional needs, also be the source of such pain and betrayal?" Group Therapy is known to be effective. Learning to trust in a group format is vital to healing from betrayal and reduces feelings of isolation.  Join us today.